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Services we offer at Kompas Accountancy

Whether you are only just starting up, or you have been running your business for some time and are looking for an accountant, or if you would like ​to switch from your current accountant, we provide all the support and advice you need.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

Keeping your books tidy and up to date is very important as it saves you time and money when you or your accountant need to find the required information. When paying your employees, make sure you also comply with HMRC RTI requirements. Having our bookkeeping/payroll help gives you the complete peace of mind that all records are up to date and exactly where they should be filed.

Tax returns

We help with your Self-Assessment and Corporation Tax. Working with Kompas means you will never miss that all important deadline for filing and paying your tax. We advise you on the tax-deductible expenses and how you can run your business in a tax-efficient way. 

VAT returns

Are you VAT registered? VAT can be a complex area and HMRC are very strict in this field requiring businesses to keep accurate records and file correct returns. Here at Kompas we can prepare and file your VAT return for you, so that you can relax in the knowledge that your returns are taken care of. We also advise you on when to register and what VAT scheme would work best for your business.

Advisory service

Tax isn't just something that happens to business. With Kompas you can plan your activities to minimise your tax liability. It is helpful to know the current tax legislation so that when you make a decision about a purchase for your business, you can choose the most tax-efficient transaction. 

Register new business

Are you thinking of setting up on your own? Have you been thinking of starting your own limited company? We can help you register your business (sole trader, limited company) with HMRC and advise on next steps in your new venture.

Workshops for business owners

If you are a new business owner and would like to join one of our short 1-hour sessions, get in touch:

- how do I set up a bookkeeping system 

- what expenses can I claim in my business

- QuickBooks Online demonstration